Magnesium Vacuum Dosing Furnace

The magnesium dosing furnace is used for melting magnesium alloys and keeping them warm and enables safe and precise dosing of the melt into the cold chamber die casting machine.

The MDF is designed as a crucible furnace with three heating devices. Our proven furnace technology is also used here. Due to the uniform and extensive distribution of the heaters via the entire crucible, there is a low thermal load.

As a result, the crucible, the insulation and the heating devices are less stressed and the service life is increased. Dosing takes place via a mechanical pump and a swiveling channel. Fluctuations in the bath level caused by loading are compensated by the dosing system and thus high dosing accuracy is achieved.
Fully integrated protective gas mixing systems guarantee the safe, technologically optimized magnesium dosing process.

The system shows the following advantages:
  • Transfer of the melt in the closed, heated dosing tube – low temperature drop
  • Good dosing accuracy through precise pump control
  • Maintenance-friendly dosing and oven technology
  • Energy-efficient and economical process