Zinc Remelting Furnace

The ZRF is designed to remelt recycling material and to premelt ingots of zinc diecasting alloys under safe and stable production conditions.  The melting furnace is heated with two heating registers / burners and charged with runners and ingots. The filled level of the furnace is controlled and if required automatic feeding by means of a conveyor belt / lifting – tipping device can be used.
The molten zinc is drawn off from the crucible in a filled level dependent process by a special zinc liquid metal pump and conveyed in a transport furnace (as an alternative: a zinc ingot conveyor belt can be used). A continuous melting process can be implemented by this means.

The system shows the following advantages:
  • Zinc recycling system for efficient melting
  • Robust heating technology with constant temperature control
  • Melt quality is assured throughout the process
  • Energy efficient melting