Feeding Conveyor belt

The conveyor belt serves to continuously feed the zinc remelting furnace with recycling material. The level in the zinc remelting furnace is constantly monitored. If the bathlevel is low, the charging process is started automatically, depending on the melt temperature. The conveyor belt is designed as a stable steel construction with a steel plate hinged belt. A slipping clutch serves as overload protection. A large-volume bunker serves as storage.

The optional use of an upstream shredder is recommended, especially for recycling materials that can easily get caught up in one another. This means that even with the most difficult materials, a fully automatic filling process is possible without a great deal of work.

The system has the following advantages:
  • Fully automatic and safe filling of the recycling material into the ZRF
  • Increase in melting capacity through continuous filling
  • Cost savings through automated filling process
  • Improved remelt performance and reduced maintenance effort when using a shredder