Ingot Automatic Destacking Unit

The fully automatic ingot depalletizer IAD was developed in such a way that it fully automatically depalletizes a complete stack of ingots and transports them to the attached melting furnace. The stack is loaded into the system using a pallet truck or forklift. The optionally available drawer system allows loading from 3 sides in tight spaces.

The stack can be freely positioned within the predefined storage area and its stops.

A specially developed laser system independently recognizes the position, orientation, dimensions and number of ingots. The vacuum surface gripper separates the ingot and transports them to the charging unit on the furnace using a 3-axis servo drive system.

The charging unit on the furnace is specially adapted to the requirements of the respective furnace and ranges from simple pivoting slide systems for zinc melting furnaces to special gripper systems for aluminum crucible furnaces to charging units including drying/preheating for magnesium applications.
By using the fully automatic ingot depalletizer IAD, the stable melting process is ensured over a period of up to 8 hours, completely unmanned.

The system shows the following advantages:
  • Easy loading of entire stacks of ingots
  • Precise laser detection of ingot dimensions and positions
  • Fully automatic depalletizing
  • Constant furnace filling leads to better temperature consistency and higher melting capacity
  • Unattended operation up to 8 hours
  • Improvement of ergonomics and work safety