Aluminium Vacuum Dosing Unit

The aluminum vacuum dosing unit can be used with any melting or holding furnace. It enables safe outtake and precise dosing of the aluminum melt into the filling chamber of the cold chamber die-casting machine. The dosing system essentially consists of a vacuum ceramic container, an evacuation device for sucking in the melt and a special closure at the sucking point. The vacuum ceramic container is made of non-sticking, temperature change-resistant and solid ceramic.

The mechanical movement takes place via a servo-controlled lifting or swiveling device.

The system shows the following advantages:
  • Take in of melt below bath level – less oxides
  • Filling of container by sucking in melt –  less oxides
  • Transfer of melt without air admission – less oxides
  • Transfer of melt into a closed ceramic container – low drop of temperature
  • High dosing accuracy through integrated, precise quantity measurement